Welcome home! Your Guide to Getting New Houseplants Settled In

Welcome home! Your Guide to Getting New Houseplants Settled In

For the entire month of December, and maybe even since November, you’ve had the taste of having a large piece of nature in your home. It’s green, smells great, and makes your space feel cozy. However, you may be like many others who find that, once the Christmas tree is gone, there is now a gaping space in your living room just begging to be filled. Not just filled with a piece of furniture, but with something that will bring life into your home.

Getting a new houseplant from the greenhouse can alleviate this feeling. But there are some steps you need to take to make sure your plant is happy in its new home.

Most houseplants can take anywhere from three days to three weeks to acclimate to a new placement. They are going from greenhouse to retail space, to your home. That’s a lot of change for a delicate living thing. Stick to the basics when you’re providing a new space: temperature, light, water, and nutrients.


Houseplant by lamp


You know that most plants don’t like to be left in the cold. The most traditional houseplants usually enjoy something closer to a tropical climate. Keeping a consistent temperature and avoiding drafty areas will be essential. Keep your plants away from the heating vents or drafty windows.

An additional boost you can give is to provide the humidity these plants crave. A simple humidifier near the plants can help with this. You might even find that your own skin thanks you for that dose of moisture during the winter months.



Take note of what the light preferences are for your plant. Most plants do very well in bright but filtered light. That means sunlight fills the room most of the day but is filtered by curtains or blinds. Even a window with a tree right outside would work. Even if you’re bringing a low-light-loving plant home, you may have a better chance of success starting your plant off in a bright room before moving it to where you envision it.



Keep your plant well-hydrated as it adapts to its new environment. When watering your plant, completely soak the soil each time by watering until water starts to drip from the bottom. As your plant adjusts to the natural humidity of your room, the difference in light, and the change in temperature, it will likely need more water than you expect. Even plants that will not regularly need such heavy watering will appreciate just a little extra care as they adapt.



One thing that can make all the difference for your plant is the soil and nutrients that it gets. Beneficial microbes can help any plant strengthen its roots and immunity to disease. This boost to the systems can give a plant more chance at growing to enjoy its new environment.

We suggest Purple Cow Organic’s BIOACTIVE Liquid Biology Bundle to establish healthy soil and therefore healthier plants. This easy-to-use kit of liquid concentrates brings beneficial microbes along with essential nutrients to help your plants thrive. Just mix with water and you’re on your way to healthy and happy plants.

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 With your new houseplant settled in, you can enjoy a little bit of greenery before the spring finally comes back around. The time after the holidays can be particularly bleak, so it's a spirit-booster to bring some life back into the home.