Four Reasons We Love Compost-Based Mixes

Four Reasons We Love Compost-Based Mixes

High quality growing materials are one of the most important components of plant health. Our soil mixes are compost-based, meaning that compost is one of the main ingredients of the soil mix, rather than acting as an amendment. Why is compost so important? Compost is a concentration of organic plant material, consisting of rich organic matter and full of diverse nutrients. There are a host of benefits to growing with a compost-based soil mix, which go beyond a simple soil media.

All plants need a balance of nutrients beyond Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Plant-based compost contains many of the various nutrients that plants need, because plants are the ones pulling those very nutrients out of the ground. Compost also aids in the retention of nutrients, and is able to easily deliver nourishment as needed. As compost naturally breaks down in the soil mix, it slowly releases essential components and develops a lasting base for growth.

Compost is made of rich organic material, naturally increasing the moisture retention capabilities of soil. Topsoil based blends drain quickly, building up a reservoir of water at the bottom of containers and can lead to overwatering and root rot. Compost’s ability to hold water makes it an ideal base material for soil mixes, whether growing indoors or out.

One of the greatest benefits to adding compost to any growing media is the diverse biology contained inside of this amendment. Every input a plant takes in is touched by a microbe. Soil mixes that are not just amended with compost, but that are derived from compost, develop a symbiosis with the plants being grown. This essential relationship between plants and beneficial biology and fungi helps to increase nutrient uptake, and overall plant health and longevity.

Compost, by nature, is produced from residual materials. Many home growers will build a compost pile from discarded food waste, coffee grounds, and plant clippings. Things that otherwise would have been discarded in a landfill, are turned into something that makes your plants healthier. At Purple Cow Organics, we make a LOT of compost, meaning that we prevent literal tons of green material from entering landfills. Our manufacturing sites process over 18 million pounds of green material per year, and compost’s ability to improve soil absorption of carbon has helped to sequester over 4,000 additional tons of carbon this year.

There are many ingredients that go into a great mix. Your plants deserve more than peat moss and perlite, but a strong base for growth that builds better root systems and more beautiful plants. Compost-based soil mixes provide benefits beyond a good base media. Growing with compost can improve the balance of moisture and nutrients available to your plants, and help you grow healthier plants and a healthier world.

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