Get Electrified with Liquid Supercharger

Get Electrified with Liquid Supercharger

If you’re familiar with our product line, then you’ve probably seen the words “BIOACTIVE Supercharger” on a number of occasions, usually mentioned alongside our liquid biological. Our most recent iteration of 'Supercharger', is with the newest product in our retail line: BIOACTIVE Liquid Supercharger. We’ve talked about our supercharger for how it works with the microbes in our recommended liquid program, but it does so much more than just feed your soil’s biology! Liquid Supercharger contains amino acids, essential nutrients, carbon, as well as Fulvic and Humic Acids, which feed and support your plants for healthy development.

Liquid Supercharger’s claim to fame is that it delivers carbon and amino acids directly to your plants, whether applied foliar or as a soil drench. These components are the building blocks for life, and are critical nutrients for building proteins in both plants and humans. Readily available carbon and amino acids can help increase photosynthesis rates and nutrient bioavailability, promoting faster development of proteins and sugars. This supports more vigorous growth and allows true genetic expression by your plant specimens.

This product also contains Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid. These two ingredients are derived from organic matter that’s been decomposed by bacteria and are naturally incorporated into soil. Humic and Fulvic acid are believed to aid in nutrient uptake through a process called chelation, where these acids bind with minerals and can be more easily taken up. Fulvic acid especially is incredibly beneficial for increased nutrient absorption. Due to its small particle size (especially compared to humic acid) fulvic acid can easily cross the plant cell membrane and deliver nutrients to promote faster growth. Humic acid contributes many similar benefits to fulvic acid, but is also useful for it’s ability to improve soil structure and aid in reducing the intake of heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, supporting better plant and produce health.

Though it is not primarily a source of nutrients, Liquid Supercharger delivers a minor amount of fertility that is readily and easily available to your plants whether applied as a soil drench or a foliar spray. This specialized nutrient pack can increase carotenoid production, leading to increased flavonoid levels and terpenoid profiles of plants. Not only will it make all your plants (from flowers to vegetables) smell and taste better, the increased nutrient density of your final product makes these tastier plants even better for you.

 “I was teaching my son how to check the cobs for optimum select picking of the crop for market and personal consumption, just like my grandfather taught me.  “Don’t check the calendar, check the crop!”… No fertility was applied, no soil samples were taken. The only input was the biological bundle (BIOACTIVE Liquid Supercharger and BIOACTIVE LiquiLife) at sowing which created rapid germination and emergence, great growth, no deficiencies or toxicities, and above average yield, even in a drought year, and was commended by other sweetcorn growers that my crop was one of the best crops they have ever eaten. Sugar content was off the chart in comparison to other growers’ corn in the same area/region.” – Food and Flower Producer Located in Little Alaska


The BIOACTIVE Liquid Biology Bundle is a powerful duo, that is fueled by our Liquid Supercharger. If you’re looking for a simple nutrient program that adds the benefits of compost (plus more), look no further. Supply nutrients and diverse microbiology to your crop with a simple addition to your existing water regime.

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