What to Recommend to Gardeners Mid-Season? Activated Compost

What to Recommend to Gardeners Mid-Season? Activated Compost

So you've survived the spring rush of eager gardeners planting seeds and starting their gardens. But what some may not realize is the upkeep required to maintain that garden throughout the season. A mid-summer application of Purple Cow Organics Activated Compost means watering less often, stronger root systems, larger plants and brighter colors as well as an increased ability to uptake nutrients and minerals. When plants are better able to utilize the inputs, they produce higher yields and more delicious and nutritious fruits!

Just some of the many uses of Activated Compost to share with your customers!

  • Replenish Garden Beds (food crops or flower beds): Apply a 1-2" layer to soil and till to a 6-8" depth. Reapply at least annually.
  • Improve Topsoil/Garden Soil: Mix 1 part Purple Cow Activated Compost with 2 parts existing or purchased soil, and blend uniformly.
  • Bolster Trees & Shrubs: Dig a hole 2/3 the depth of the root ball and at least twice as wide. Mix 1 part compost with 2 parts soil obtained from the planting hole. Place the tree or shrub in the planting hole and apply amended soil around the root ball. Firm soil and water regularly the first growing season. 
  • Potted Plants (Indoor and Outdoor): Mix 1 part Purple Cow Activated Compost with 2 parts of your favorite potting soil.
  • Maintain Existing Lawns: Apply 1-2 bags per 1,000 square feet (spring and fall for best results).
  • Perennial Beds/Mulch: Topdress with a 2" layer around trees, shrubs, and flowers. Avoid placing mulches in direct contact with plant trunks and stems.
  • Lawn Repair: Mix 1 cubic foot bag of Purple Cow Activated Compost with 2 pounds of grass seed. Apply a 1/4" layer of mix to areas needing repair and keep watered daily for one week. 


A frequently asked question is, "What makes the compost Activated?" Purple Cow Organics recycles yard materials like leaves, sticks, branches, and brush. We put these materials through a grinder to enable faster decomposition, then create windrows that are frequently turned throughout the composting process. The material is heated to such high temperatures during this process that any harmful chemicals like pesticides or pathogens that may have been on the original materials, are essentially "cooked out." The resulting product is a rich dark brown, almost black material that smells like a forest or freshly cut grass. This soil-like product is regularly tested for quality assurance and is certified for organic use by the Organic Materials Review Institute. This is our Classic Compost. It's the "special sauce" that gets added to all of our growing mixes. It's also what we use as a base to create Activated Compost.

A blend of rock minerals, sea minerals, and worm castings, known as the PCO Mineral Complex, are added to Classic Compost then put through a secondary activation phase. This fuses together the added ingredients and the compost while further breaking down the materials into an even finer soil amendment that now also includes fertility. The resulting product is Activated Compost It is the flag ship product of Purple Cow Organics and is our oldest and most beloved product around which we have built our business.

Activated Compost is available in a 1 cubic foot bag, now in a new 50 bag/pallet quantity. This can be ordered directly from us, or through our distributor, Fosters. We are also happy to supply Marketing support materials like pallet signs and our metal circular logo signs. Just reach out to us through your Sales Rep or through the Contact tab at the top of the page. 

For more information about the rest of our product line, ordering Activated Compost, or to request Marketing materials, please contact us at info@purplecoworganics.com.