Why Choose Purple Cow?

Why Choose Purple Cow?



As a retailer, you often face difficult decisions when considering what to carry in your location. Knowing what products your customers want, how to promote products that aren’t selling well (and even those that are), or even something as simple as how to set up a successful display, all of these are issues that you probably face on a regular basis. Smaller businesses are especially vulnerable, because any issues can have a large impact on your store, and a misplaced investment can cause massive problems. We understand the stress that small businesses face, because we ARE a small business. When your customers walk in the store and ask you to explain Purple Cow, we want you to feel confident about your choice to invest in us. John Lewandowski, from Bluemel’s Garden & Landscape Center, sent us a compelling testimonial about his experiences working with Purple Cow products, and Purple Cow people. Don’t take it from us, take it from him!

“In order for you to be successful with this product, you will have to teach our staff how to build value. I, as well as my staff, are so confident with this product that sometimes all we have to say is ‘Try it and you’ll not only love it, but your plants will love it too.’ I am so looking forward to many customers coming back to tell us: ‘You were right!’” -J. Lewandowski

The most important reason for you to choose Purple Cow Organics, is the loyalty of our customer base. It’s easy to catch the Purple Cow, especially when customers see such incredible results with our products. We take pride in our products’ ability to not only improve the beauty, quality, and volume of the plants your customers grow, but also to improve the health of the soil they grow in. Whether it’s a perennial flower garden, or a raised bed of vegetables, Purple Cow products give back to our consumer by providing incredible results, and a healthier world in which to enjoy them. We are a premium product, and priced accordingly. However, once customers try our products, they never use anything else.

“I learned very quickly that Purple Cow walks the walk, they don’t just talk the talk. One look at my first load of PC Classic Compost and I knew that I made the right decision. The compost mix looked and smelled like good mixes should. Although the pricing was higher than I was accustomed to, the fact that their product is 100% Organic, packed with the necessary nutrients and micro-biology that plants need to perform their best, AND is made in Wisconsin, I knew right then and there that this was going to be a relatively easy product to sell.” -J. Lewandowski

Our commitment is to quality. Not just to the quality of the product that we make, but to the foods and flowers that are grown with Purple Cow. We provide a premium product, that has been tried and tested to show the quality that our products bring to any garden or field. This isn’t because we’ve found a perfect blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for any plant; we focus on more than NPK ratings. When your customer needs healthier plants, they need a holistic blend of carbon, minerals, and biology that will not only give them the nutrition they need, but will transform how their plants pull nutrients out of the soil. More nutritious plants lead to healthier foods, more beautiful flowers, and a better planet. Biology is a huge conversation in the agriculture sector, but the conversation lags behind among home-gardeners. Even though the scale of a flower garden or vegetable garden is smaller, there are still exponential benefits to introducing biology to your customer’s mix.

“Soil isn’t soil, and soil certainly isn’t dirt.” -J. Lewandowski

Purple Cow Organic’s mission is to be remarkable. We stand out from our competitors because our products contain diverse biology, which is a critical factor in improving soil health and supporting nutrient uptake by plants. Our product is reliable, consistent, and effective, which is why customers love what we make. Our salespeople are approachable, without being pushy, and we work to serve you! We also provide all of the resources you need to educate yourself and your staff on the importance of soil health, and what Purple Cow brings to the table. Check out our Retailer Resources Here!

In short: If you haven’t tried Purple Cow Organics yet, we can promise that you will love it, and your customers will too. Once customers make the switch, the premium results will keep them coming back for more.

For more information on the Purple Cow Organics’ product line or where to buy, feel free to send us a message through the Contact tab at the top of the page.