Compost with a kick!

Activated Compost is made from recycled plant material with an added nutrient blend to feed veggies, trees, lawns, flower beds, and more! This aerobic plant-based compost contains all the biology and organic matter found in nature. It has thousands more species of beneficial bacteria and fungi than are cultured in a lab. Not only is Activated Compost the product around which we built Purple Cow Organics, but it is OMRI Listed and used in professional agricultural and horticultural organic crop production. It can be used with any soil to replenish existing soils, build organic matter and biological value, and as a component for home crafted growing medias.

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Use Recommendations

  • Plant a Bed

    Five 1 cubic foot bags of Activated Compost covers approximately two inches of an 8'x4' garden bed

  • General Planting

    Two 1 cubic foot bags of your preferred topsoil plus one bag of Activated Compost creates three cubic feet of enhanced soil blend

  • Plant a Pot

    Mix two parts of your favorite Potting Mix to one part Activated Compost, for an improved potting soil

  • Plant a Root Ball

    Dig a hole, fill the hole halfway with Activated Compost, loosen the root ball, and plant

  • Improve Patchy Lawn

    Mix two pounds of grass seed with one bag of Activated Compost: covers approximately 25 square feet

  • Applications Rates

    Use the above chart to determine area of coverage per 1 cubic foot bag of Activated Compost and how many bags are needed

"This stuff is incredible! This was a great way to give my plants the nutrients they deserve - they have just gone crazy! There isn't a friend I haven't told about your product!"

Abbey Hill

"I used it to bring mature pine trees back to a healthy state. Results were immediate."


"Great product. No nutes for one month"

Raymond F Jensen

"Fast shipping, I've been using this to brew compost tea and my lawn is happy"


"This compost was excellent quality"

Jess Walker