Diverse, beneficial microorganisms, plant hormones, and fungi in Purple Cow CX-1 are in a dormant/stable solution. Activator provides resources for this biology to perform their beneficial roles in the plant/soil system. Activator is a dry soluble humate and kelp formula that may improve plant resilience and trace mineral uptake. A balanced and diverse food resource to encourage the proliferation of naturally occurring soil microbes, with an emphasis on beneficial fungal development.

Product Specifications

Soluble Humates
Soluble Kelp Powder
Soy Hydrolysate
General Use Recommendations
Put the desired amount of Activator (powder) into a small bucket. Have ready a separate container of dechlorinated water (approximately 2 times the volume of the powder). While stirring, slowly add the water to the powder. NOTE: the order here is important. Powder first, water second. Thoroughly stir the water into the powder, first to a paste and then to a slurry. This properly mixed slurry will dissolve easily into the CX-1 you have set aside for the crop application. 
  • 1 tbsp Activator per gallon
  • 1/2 cup Activator per 10 gallons
  • 5 cups Activator per 100 gallons
  • 4 lbs Activator per 275 gallons 
Available In:
4 lb bags

"It made all the difference in the looked so good I hated to cut it, I had all kinds of compliments from my neighbors." — DONOVAN PAULSON, ALFALFA FARMER

Application Opportunities

Soil biology is an important partner for any grower. Microbes help with seed germination, plant protection, plant health, nutrient uptake, yield and crop residue digestion. 

    In-Furrow Starter: insures maximum soil microbiology to help the germinating crop seed thrive. 

    Foliar: CX-1 is a fertility enhancer and aids in rescue fertility for crops during the season. Feed and protect your grains, forages, or vegetables better through plant nutrition at both a leaf and root level. 

    Crop Residue Digestion: apply CX-1 to crop residue (stover) to help breakdown cellulose, free up soil and return beneficial nutrients back to the soil.