Activated Compost

Activated Compost is an OMRI Listed, plant-based compost which has gone through a Secondary Activation Phase. In this stage organically-approved ingredients are added at a specific time, resulting in a unique bio-catalytic effect, where microbial life flourishes. Nutrients are metabolized by microbes in the compost and are more readily available to your plants. Purple Cow Activated makes nutrients more available for plant uptake, it is an ideal amendment to improve soil and growing media. 

Product Specifications

Purple Cow Compost
Rock Minerals
Sea Minerals
Worm Castings
General Use Recommendations
  • 1-2 tons per acre for broad acre applications (more for diversified vegetable production and hoop houses.)
  • Apply post-harvest, pre-planting, at emergence, and/or during seeding of cover crops.
  • Activated is an ideal soil amendment for conventional, transitioning and certified organic land. 

Activated Compost Info Sheet

    * Actual recommendations depend on crop budget and pre-existing soil conditions
    Available In:
    Bulk Truckloads
    Semi: ~35 cubic yards
    Quad: ~25 cubic yards (WI Only)
    "For the past three years, we have used Purple Cow Activated Compost, and we can definitely tell the difference
    - all thanks to Purple Cow Organics!"

    Nutrients: Primary & Secondary
    % (as Rec)
    lbs/acre at 2 tons/acre
    Nitrogen 1.13% 45.2
    Phosphorus 0.24% 9.6
    Potassium 0.40% 16.0
    Calcium 4.05% 162.0
    Magnesium 1.64% 65.6
    Sulfate 0.01% 0.4
    Nutrients: Trace Elements
    % (as Rec)
    lbs/acre at 2 tons/acre
    Copper 0.005% 0.20
    Zinc 0.011% 0.44
    Iron 0.456% 18.24
    Manganese 0.023% 0.92
    Boron 0.001% 0.04
    pH, Carbonates
    % (as Rec)
    lbs/acre at 2 tons/acre
    pH 7.7
    Organic Matter 29.3% 1172
    Organic Carbon 18.4% 736