Organic And Natural Classic Compost

Purple Cow Classic Compost is a time tested, and proven way to add beneficial microbes, Carbon and balanced nutrients to your soil. Classic Compost improves soil structure and porosity, creating a better plant root environment. It allows plants to more effectively utilize nutrients, while reducing nutrient loss by leaching and enables soils to retain nutrients longer. Also containing humus, Classic assists in soil aggregation and makes nutrients more available for the plant. This 100% plant-based and organic product is OMRI Listed for organic production. 

Product Specifications


General Use Recommendations
Sandy Soils:  4 tons per acre (~6 cy per acre)*
Clay Soils:  2 tons per acre (~3 cy per acre)*
Soil restoration may require more volume as well as other product recommendations in initial year or two.
* Actual recommendations depend on crop budget and pre-existing soil conditions. Contact a Purple Cow Organics representative to discuss soil amendment plans to meet your needs, including customer material blends. 
Other Benefits of Classic Compost
  • Increases moisture infiltration and reduces erosion and runoff
  • Improves the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of soils
  • Aids the proliferation of soil microbes
  • Supplies beneficial microorganisms to soils
  • Buffers soil pH
  • Contains macro and micro nutrients

Classic Compost Info Sheet

Available In:
Bulk Truckloads
Semi: ~35 cubic yards
Quad: ~25 cubic yards (WI Only)
"At the rate I applied, it over doubled my organic matter and increased all my micros and was the most efficient way to increase organic matter I have ever seen. The soil was visibly darker and crops were amazing this year!" — BETHANEE WRIGHT

% (as Rec)
lbs/acre at 4 tons/acre
% Organic Matter 22.00% 1760.00
Nitrogen 0.75% 60.00
Phosphorus 0.25% 20.00
Potassium 0.50% 40.00
Calcium 3.56% 284.80
Sulfur 0.01% 0.72
Magnesium 1.51% 120.80
Zinc 0.01% 0.80
Manganese 0.04% 3.20
Boron 0.00% 0.12
C/N Ratio 16.43 --