Engineered Blends/
WDNR S1004 Bio Retention Mix

These products are used in storm water management for either new construction or existing properties. They are a blend of sand and S100 Compost (Purple Cow Classic). Purple Cow compost adheres to the required S100 specifications of the WDNR. Other custom blends can be created, please inquire for more information. 


Product Specifications

Purple Cow Classic Compost
Coarse Sand
Available In:
Bulk Truckloads
Quad: 18 Cubic Yards 
Premium Grade Growing Certifications
  • Purple Cow Classic is STA certified by the USCC.
  • Purple Cow Classic and Purple Cow Activated are OMRI Listed and approved for use in organic growing systems.
  • Purple Cow Classic has an emergence percentage and seeding vigor of 100%. Purple Cow Classic falls within the guidelines of the DNR-S100 specification.
  • Purple Cow Organics, LLC uses coarse sand (.02 to .04 inches in diameter) which adheres to WDOT section 502. of the 2012 standard spec book.
  • Purple Cow Organics, LLC meets the WDNR S-1004 specification for bio-retention basins.
  • Purple Cow 70/30 Bio Retention Blend is compromised of 70% coarse sand and 30% Purple Cow Classic.