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Cultivate "cleanly" grown results for human consumption with nutrient-dense soil products and cannabis mix from Purple Cow Organics. OMRI Listed to support organic integrity, select Seed Starter Mix to get your plants off to a healthy start. For the all-in-one grower, choose Purple Cow IndiCanja, complete with minerals, nutrients, fertility, and biology for each stage of plant maturation. Support growth and provide diverse biology for health, beauty, and nutrient density with CX-1 - it's like a vitamin supplement for your plants!

Good quality soil is essential for healthy yields; unfortunately, sourcing it doesn’t always work. To make favorable cannabis soil, instead of buying synthetic fertilizers, choose our premium-quality cannabis mix. It’s an all-natural & organic compost that contains all crucial elements to support wholesome plant growth.

Purple Cow IndiCanja

Available in:
1 cubic foot bags
2 cubic yard supersacks

Purple Cow IndiCanja is a scientifically formulated and tested organic fertilizing package for hemp soil and other plant-specific soils that contains the necessary minerals, nutrients, fertility, and biology for all stages of plant growth from young seedlings in a vegetative phase through transplanting, budding and flowering and the final hardening phase. IndiCanja was developed by a grower for growers to be "ready-to-use," requiring no further inputs!


    • Budding Phase
    • Flowering Phase
    • Hardening Phase

    Seed Starter Mix

    Available in:
    12 quart bags
    1 cubic foot bags
    2 cubic yard supersacks

    Purple Cow Seed Starter Mix is an OMRI Listed, living media containing beneficial biology and nutrients to get your plants off to a healthy start. Seed Starter Mix is a fine-textured blend that promotes rapid germination and vigorous seedlings. Our mix includes Purple Cow Activated Compost, sphagnum peat, perlite, vermiculite, OMRI listed granular fertilizer, and mineral complex. It is intended for seed starting in trays, blocks, or small containers - balancing drainage and wicking action to keep roots moist.


      • Trays
      • Small Containers
      • Blocks


      Available in:
      1 gallon jugs
      275 gallon totes
      Bulk tanker loads

      Purple Cow CX-1 addresses the biological side of the hemp soil health equation. Growers count on microbes to fix, cycle, and/or solubilize minerals and other fertility inputs they apply. Adding biology along with minerals means uptake occurs more readily, and growers can reduce the amount of other fertility inputs they apply. Balanced minerals and diverse biology help the plant produce the phytonutrients' (sugars, proteins, amino acids, and more) that contribute to plant health, beauty, and nutrient density (taste). It also supports the plant's ability to withstand disease pressures with modes of action that include: competitive exclusion, production of natural antibiotics, and bio-sanitation.


        • Soil Drench
        • Foliar Application
        • Fertigation System

        BioActive Supercharger

        Available in 8 oz Pouches

        Purple Cow BioActive Supercharger does exactly what the name says: It supercharges your plants, providing them with living organisms and trace minerals to produce nutrient dense vegetables and fruits. When your plants are healthier, you are healthier. Not only does our BioActive Supercharger contain humates and kelp meal - which provide Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium and other trace minerals - it utilizes endomycorrhizal fungi - which are known to help with nutrient uptake at the roots. It is a soluble powder that is meant to be used in Purple Cow Compost Tea or water and is an easy-to-use way to feed your plants "immediately."


          • Garden Beds
          • Hanging Baskets
          • Containers

          Crafter's Mix

          Available in 2 cu ft bags

          Purple Cow Organics Crafter’s Mix is a premium growing blend designed for experienced growers who prefer to hand craft their own growing medias. This natural and organic blend includes starter fertility and allows you to amend with your own selected inputs to create the customized mix of your choosing. The versatility of Crafter’s Mix allows the user to grow both indoors and outdoors as well as in an organic or synthetic growing system.


            • Customize your fertility plan
            • Great for indoor or outdoor
            • Use with organics or synthetics
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