Purple Cow IndiCanja

Purple Cow IndiCanja is a scientifically formulated and tested organic fertilizing package that contains the necessary minerals, nutrients, fertility and biology for all stages of plant growth from young seedlings in a vegetative phase through transplanting, budding and flowering and the final hardening phase. IndiCanja was developed by a grower, for growers to be "ready-to-use" requiring no further inputs!

Product Specifications

Purple Cow Compost
Sphagnum Peat Moss
Bone Meal
Kelp Meal
Poultry Litter
Volcanic Ash
What makes Purple Cow IndiCanja different?
  • Nutrient dense material for home gardeners and hobby and commercial farms
  • Supports the goal of cultivating "cleanly" grown flowers and extracted compounds for human consumption, whether inhaled or ingested
  • It's easy! Organic and "ready-to-use" requiring no further work
  • Contains essential nutrients and organic matter that may naturally increase water uptake
  • Developed by a grower for growers
Available In:
1 Cubic Foot Bags
2 Cubic Yard Supersacks
"The soil fed that plant perfectly on all levels...the most dense, flavorful and highest yielding for a container that size I've ever grown, ever!" — MICHIGAN GROWER

Percentage (as rec'd)
Percentage (dry weight)
% Organic Matter 26.83% 52.0%
Total Nitrogen 0.88% 1.70%
Phosphorous 0.68% 1.31%
Potassium 0.50% 0.96%
Calcium 2.36% 4.53%
Sulfur 0.41% 0.77%
Magnesium 0.79% 1.52%
Zinc 0.01% 0.01%
Manganese 0.02% 0.03%
C/N Ratio 17:1 17:1