What Comes After IndiCanja?

What Comes After IndiCanja?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You’ve been growing with a water-only, living soil media, like Purple Cow IndiCanja. Your plants are harvested, your grow is gorgeous, but now you have a 5 gallon grow bucket full of used soil. What should you do? Growers face similar issues when it comes to replenishing nutrients in their soil, no matter their experience level or what they’re growing. Though there are many options when it comes to amending your soil or replacing your mix, the right answer depends on you!

Amending your soil is an excellent choice for experienced growers, and can allow you to significantly extend the life of your soil mix. Water-only soil mixes, such as IndiCanja, contain a balance of quick-release and slow-release nutrients that feed the plant throughout it’s life cycle. This complex of nutrients and biology delivers inputs to your grows as they need it, meaning that you can grow with confidence, without playing catch-up. Returning a similar balance of nutrients to your soil means creating a nutritional plan that includes a variety of slow-release and immediately available inputs. To amend your soil, we recommend first adding a compost-based amendment, such as Activated Compost. These compost-based products will rejuvenate organic material, as well as add a combination of macro and micronutrients that feed your plant and improve the quality of your growing media. Next, we recommend using a slow-release granular fertilizer, such as All-Purpose Fertilizer, to provide a continuous dose of nutrients and biology. Finally, we have BioActive Supercharger and CX-1, a combination of diverse microbiology and quick-release nutrients that feed your plant both at the leaf surface and at the root. Amending with a variety of inputs provides your plants with the wide selection of nutrients, organic matter, and microbiology, that they need to grow successfully.

After amending IndiCanja, some growers may even discover that they prefer to customize their grow and choose to switch to a fully amendable media like Crafter’s Mix. For some growers, especially those working with IndiCanja, they may find it to be difficult to return the soil to it’s original fertility and may have to do more maintenance to ensure that deficiencies don’t develop along the way. Even so, amending your mix can be an important way to learn more about the plants you love, and allows you to curate the nutrient plan that works best for you!

Refreshing your container mix with new IndiCanja is a great choice for growers who love the mix they have and who rely on the expertise that went into building this professionally crafted media. IndiCanja is formulated to contain the complete set of nutrients that heavy feeding plants need to go from seedling-to-harvest, without the support of any additional fertility inputs. When it works perfectly, you don’t need to change a thing. Our soil mixes go through regular quality testing to ensure that they meet our nutritional standards, so you know that you’ll get consistent results from the products you enjoy. Another important factor is how easy it is to use! Buying fresh mix means that you don’t have to rework your soil before getting started, just replace your old media and get back to growing!

Worried about wasting your old soil? Don’t sweat! Though your mix might need a big boost to grow heavy feeding plants, you can still use IndiCanja as a base mix for standard raised beds and container gardening. Just fill a raised bed or container with your old mix, and add some Activated Compost or All-Purpose Fertilizer to give a light boost of nutrition and refresh the organic material. After that, you’re good to grow! Cultivate gorgeous flowers, nutritious produce, and fragrant herbs in this repurposed mix. A high quality soil mix is more than disposable dirt, but is constantly growing and changing, and has a life beyond the first plants grown in it. Whether you chose to replace or refresh your growing media, IndiCanja grows with you!

For more information on IndiCanja, amending your mix, or how to get the most out of your media, contact us for more information!