It's Time for a Mid-Season Boost!

It's Time for a Mid-Season Boost!

For professional growers, the mid-summer season is a time for maintenance and support. Tomatoes are ripening, squash and cucumbers are flowering, and now is the time to give your plants the boost they need to power through the season. Whether growing in a greenhouse or a garden bed, this stretch of the season is critical for supporting your plants nutritionally.


Activated Compost is a nutrient-dense compost that contains diverse biology and rich organic material. Though the days are growing shorter and the hottest part of the summer is behind us, adding compost to your garden beds can help with water-retention as your outdoor garden beds recover from the hot and dry parts of the season. Activated Compost is perfect for rejuvenating the organic material in your growing media, helping to create a rich growing environment. With a rock and sea mineral complex, this compost contains the macro and micronutrients your plants need to power through the season. Activated Compost is flush with diverse beneficial microbiology, meaning that your plants get not only the nutrients they need, but the biology required to make those nutrients available!


This point in the season is where flowering plants and heavy feeders need an extra boost. If you’re looking to add nutrition without adding the bulk of compost, try our All-Purpose Fertilizer! This is a 4-6-4 fertilizer blend, inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi. These fungi may naturally increase water uptake by plants and facilitate nutrient consumption. All-Purpose Fertilizer is a granular fertilizer, making it easy to apply nutrients where they’re needed.



For growers looking to use a liquid nutritional program, we have a line of products perfect for your needs. Our BioActive Vegetable Supercharger is a combination of humates and mycorrhizal fungi, supercharging your plants with nutrients and biology, right at the leaf surface! The nutrients in BioActive Vegetable Supercharger are immediately available to your plants, helping with immediate nutrient deficiencies, and supporting biological growth at the root.


Purple Cow CX-1 is a liquid biological concentrate that also works at the root and on the leaf surface. Adding biology to any nutritional program helps you to get the most out of the inputs you apply. Adding a broad-spectrum liquid biological, like CX-1, not only helps to make the nutrients you apply more available, but also reduces the quantity of inputs you need to apply! The best part of CX-1? It can be applied in any watering program you use, from a greenhouse fertigation system to a watering can. By making the most of your existing nutritional program, your plants can get more benefits out of the amendments you love. We recommend pairing our BioActive Vegetable Supercharger with Purple Cow CX-1 for a dose of nutrition and biology.



Giving your plants a mid-season boost is important for harvesting delicious and nutrient-dense crops, but with options that fit your growing needs, it’s easy to find amendments that are right for you! Summer is the season of growth, and Purple Cow Organics is here to help you achieve the best growth for your plants and your nutritional program. Want to learn more about using Purple Cow’s product line, and finding a combination that works best for your needs? Contact us here for more information!