Growing Biologically: Greenhouses and CX-1

Growing Biologically: Greenhouses and CX-1

Greenhouses are one of the most incredible systems of plant and crop production varying in design from a simple high tunnel to complex glass structures of beauty. From simplistic functionality, to customized & automated to control numerous variables throughout production.

An important variable, which is sometimes under emphasized or overlooked in greenhouse production systems, is establishing and “building up” beneficial biology in the cultivation media and on plant tissue surfaces. Beneficial biology that is found in nature aids in plant protection, strengthening immune responses, and nutrient uptake. Though the importance of these inputs is indisputable, this beneficial biology is not available in all cultivation media options.


The beneficial microbiological diversity in CX-1, otherwise known as ‘microbes, is a natural aid for cultivating vigorous, healthy, nutrient-dense plants, with elevated rates of macro, micro, phytonutrients, flavonoids, & terpenoids (terpenes). One of the most significant benefits of microbial inputs, is that they can be used in both organic and conventional cultivation methods with any biologically friendly inputs.

CX-1 is a broad-spectrum liquid biological that you can use to incorporate beneficial microbes into your greenhouse growing systems. It is easy to use, and can be applied through different application methods that fit into any existing program.

CX-1 can be injected into fertigation, overhead watering and misting systems, for smaller grow operations it can even be added by hand to existing watering infrastructure.

When applying as a soil drench or as an added component to an existing fertigation program, use at rate of 1:100 gallons (1 gallon of CX-1 to 100 gallons of water) every 10-14 days.

The foliar application dilution rate is 1:300 (1 gallon of CX-1 per 300 gallons of water) every 7-14 days.

Care should be taken to avoid possible bio-film build-up or clogging of misting and/or irrigation components by using a 20-mesh filter and flushing lines w/ plain water or fertigation solution.


To maintain product stability and integrity, the biology in CX-1 is placed into a state of dormancy as a part of our production process. In order to reactivate the living biology, a food source must be added to the CX-1. The recommended food sources to activate CX-1 are Purple Cow’s BioActive Vegetable Supercharger or Activator, both of which are a combination of humates, trace nutrients, and endomycorrhizal fungi.  This combination of nutrients, carbon, and biology makes the nutrients of an existing fertility program more bio-available and aids in nitrogen cycling, among a multitude of additional benefits.

Greenhouse cultivation is an incredible method for growing healthy plants with a customized nutrient plan. The biodiversity of CX-1 completes the nutrient regiment by adding beneficial biology to mobilize nutrients and aid in homogeneous germination and emergence; this makes it the perfect partner for greenhouse operations. Make the most of your growing space & add a natural layer of crop protection, with the biological diversity in CX-1.

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