Craft Your Crafter's Mix

Craft Your Crafter's Mix

Crafter’s Mix is the newest soil mix in our line of organic soil mixes. It’s a unique blend for its customizability and rich organic base material. Crafter’s Mix was designed for growers who wanted the freedom to develop their own nutritional programs, and the perfect growing media to support their plants. Now that Crafter’s Mix is more widely available, growers can start building their perfect nutrition plan! Luckily for them, we have the perfect amendments to support this buildable blend.

When growing plants in Crafter’s Mix, especially heavy feeders like cannabis, you need long-lasting support. Slow-release fertilizers, such as our BioActive All-Purpose Fertilizer, provide consistent and long-lasting nutrition to your plants, allowing them to take in the nutrition they need, as they need it. This fertilizer has a 4-6-4 NPK rating, and contains a balance of the necessary micronutrients for healthy plants.


When your plants need more immediately available nutrition, you can’t go wrong with our BioActive Vegetable Supercharger. BioActive Vegetable Supercharger provides an immediately available dose of nutrition, giving your plants a combination of nutrients and microbes. BioActive Vegetable Supercharger is inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi, which can help to improve nutrient uptake, and increase plant vigor.

The newest product in our retail line, Purple Cow CX-1 is a concentrated liquid biological containing diverse species of biology. Adding biology to any nutrition program can help to make your inputs more available, meaning that you can use less. Biology can also help to improve the nutrient density and vigor of your plants, growing more colorful produce, bigger blooms, and more beautiful plants.


When your Crafter’s mix is further along in its life cycle, you might find that the organic material needs a bit of a recharge. Activated Compost is the perfect choice for adding back organic material, as well as nutrients! This product is infused with a rock and sea mineral complex, adding a complete selection of nutrients to reinvigorate your soil. Activated Compost also contains a diverse selection of biology, bringing life back to your soil.


Crafter’s Mix is an amazing blend, with the potential and benefits that you bring to it! There are so many ways to craft your mix with the inputs you love. Want to learn more about Crafter’s Mix, and how to build the perfect nutrient plan for your plants? Contact your sales representative for more information!