Let's Talk About Soil Amendments

Let's Talk About Soil Amendments

Compost. Fertilizer. Supercharger. Liquid Biological. All of these inputs are known as ‘soil amendments’, and are key in maintaining soil and plant health. Growers working with high value plants, such as hemp, garlic, tomatoes, and peppers, strive to ensure that the crops they cultivate have the highest chance of success. Soil amendments have gone from a helpful addition, to a staple of best growing practices. Growers just starting out might need some guidance on how to amend using our organic soil amendments, which is why we’re here to help with an easy guide on our amendment line, and how to use them!


Activated Compost

Activated Compost is our flagship product, celebrated for adding rich organic material, diverse biology, and a complete spectrum of essential nutrients. Compost is the first thing many growers reach for when looking to add organic amendments to their growing system, and with good reason!  Growers can use Activated Compost for a vast number of applications, including refreshing old soil media, replacing trace nutrients, and even building out a custom soil mix!

How to Use: Amend raised beds or in-ground gardens with 1-2 inches of compost. For containers or general planting, use 2 parts growing media to 1 part Activated Compost. You can even add compost directly at your planting site! Just dig your hole, add a handful of Activated Compost, and add in your plant!

For building your own growing media, you can combine Activated Compost with peat moss, coco coir, pine bark, sand, perlite, rice hulls, and so many other options to create your ideal growing media from scratch.



All-Purpose Fertilizer

Our All-Purpose Fertilizer is a granular 4-6-4 fertilizer, perfect for amending soil with minerals and nutrients, without adding the bulk of compost. All-Purpose Fertilizer also contains mycorrhizal fungi that works with your plant to improve water and nutrient uptake. All-Purpose fertilizer can be broadcast over your entire growing space, or applied directly at the base of your plants. 

How to Use: At planting, sprinkle 1 cup of All-Purpose Fertilizer over 10 square feet of garden space, and gently work into soil or water in.

At blossom, add in an additional handful (or four finger pinch) of fertilizer around the base of your plant, and gently work into the top 1-2 inches of your soil.

To build or amend your mix for growing in a container, mix 2 cups fertilizer for every 1 cubic foot of potting mix.


Purple Cow CX-1

Liquid biologicals have quickly gained ground among professional and home growers alike, and established themselves as essential components of fertility plans. Biology is the element in soil that makes nutrient intake possible. Without biology, your plants can’t survive. Purple Cow CX-1 is a broad-spectrum liquid biological, delivering diverse species to your plants and making nutrients more available. not only can it completely transform the health of plants, but you can use it in any watering system that you use! Add CX-1 to your backpack sprayers, overhead sprinklers, drip irrigation, or even in a watering can!

How to Use: Combine 2 tablespoons Purple Cow CX-1 with one gallon dechlorinated water. Works best if paired with one tablespoon of a food source such as BioActive Supercharger. Apply within 48 hours of combining. Click here for more recommendations and use instructions.


BioActive Supercharger

Often used as a food source for our liquid biological, BioActive Supercharger is a micronized kelp and humate powder. This dissolvable powder delivers nutrients to your plants that are immediately available. BioActive Supercharger can be used with CX-1, or on it’s own! Just combine with water and sprinkle over your plants to deliver nutrients at the leaf surface and the root.

How to Use: Dissolve one tablespoon of  BioActive Supercharger in one gallon of water. This mixture can be applied over up to 250 square feet of growing space. Can be applied on it's own or used with Purple Cow CX-1.


Amendments are an important factor in grower success. When the plants you grow are your passion, you want your results to be high quality. When growing is your profession, you need your plants to be the best. There are so many ways to develop a premium-quality amendment plan, and using biologically focused, organic, amendments is an easy way to make sure that your plants are supported to success. For more information on growing with Purple Cow Organics, and how to find out the best soil amendment for your needs, contact us here!