Grower Products 2023: Stock Up on Supplies for Your Best Spring Yet

Grower Products 2023: Stock Up on Supplies for Your Best Spring Yet

Spring preparations are quickly finishing up as the season gets underway. Now that Spring is finally here, Growers are cracking open their fresh Seed Starter Mix, prepping their Activated Compost, and getting supplies in place to start up on transplanting. If you haven't gotten stocked up for Spring, now is the time to get the mixes and amendments you need for a strong start! We might not be out of the season for frost, but there are plenty of ways to get ready for planting. 

 Activated Compost is our flagship retail product, and has been loved by growers for it's rich organic material, diverse beneficial biology, and complete spectrum of beneficial nutrients. Activated Compost is the perfect amendment for refreshing your soil media, whether growing in-ground or in a container. A rich base of composted plant material, with an added rock and sea mineral complex, provides the nutrients that plants crave, and the biology they need to get the job done.
Need to jumpstart the season? There’s nothing better for starting seeds than our Seed Starter Mix. Optimized for seedling development, Seed Starter Mix perfectly balances moisture retention and wicking action to keep seedlings hydrated without overwhelming them. This blend is also designed to work as a water-only mix, providing the nutrients your plants need for up to 45 days of growth!


Once you’re ready for a heartier mix that sustains plant growth, try our Transplant Mix! Transplant Mix is an all-purpose blend, perfect for growing nutrient-dense produce, blooms, and healthier plants of all kinds. This mix contains enough fertility to get you off to a healthy start, and can be amended with your own fertility program based on your plants needs.
For growers who specialize in heavy-feeding plants, and want to lower the labor that goes into maintaining these picky crops, try Purple Cow IndiCanja! This water-only supersoil is a scientifically formulated and tested growing media that contains all of the nutrients needed to sustain heavy feeding plants from seedling to harvest.  


Biology has readily become a staple of nutritional programs among every level of horticulturist, from home gardeners to a mass-scale farmers. With our understanding of soil health improving with every growing season, we understand that biologicals play a key role in improving nutrient density and promoting nutrient uptake. Adding Purple Cow CX-1 to your existing nutrient plan is the perfect way to grow healthier plants and promote stronger root system development.

 For more information on our professional grower products, and recommendations for your best Spring yet, please contact us here!