Stock Up for Spring with Supersacks!

Stock Up for Spring with Supersacks!

The winter season is important for maintenance. Making sure your equipment is functioning properly, oiling and polishing shears and shovels, cleaning out seed trays… but who are we kidding, we’re sick of the cold and ready to get growing outdoors! After a long weekend of scraping cement-like slush and ice off the roof of your car and out of your driveway, we can all agree that it’s time for Spring. Seed Starting is already underway for many professional growers, supersacks freshly opened and seed blocks lined up.  If you haven’t gotten your growing materials for the season, don’t sweat! There’s still time to get stocked up on material. Whether you’re looking to start out strong, support hearty transplants throughout the season, or transform your soil with premium amendments, check out our bulk products to get ready for Spring.

The most important part of starting seeds is a high-quality growing medium. Seed starting is more than just the prelude to Spring. The early success of your seedlings can determine the health and quality of your produce over the coming growing season, and even improve the strength and yield of your plants. Our Seed Starter Mix is the perfect growing media to support high quality seedlings. This media balances wicking and draining action to keep roots hydrated without drowning them. Seed Starter Mix contains key macronutrients to fuel seedling growth, as well as a full spectrum of micronutrients and essential trace minerals to fill out the nutritional needs of your plants!

Once your seedlings are ready to be transplanted, they’ll need a hearty and nutritious mix that can support strong root development and contains essential nutrients. Transplant Mix is a perfect blend for growers who are cultivating a broad variety of plants, with diverse nutritional needs. When you're looking for a truly 'all-purpose' mix, look no further than our All-Purpose Transplant Mix! Transplant Mix is an all-natural organic growing media, with the right fertility to establish seedlings and support long-term growth. 

For professional growers working with heavy-feeding crops like hemp, tomatoes, and peppers, you need a growing media that can keep up with their nutrient demands. You can't play catch-up with tomatoes! Purple Cow IndiCanja is a water-only soil mix, formulated with the necessary nutrients to take heavy feeding crops and vegetables from seedling to harvest without requiring any additional fertility inputs. IndiCanja was designed to take the guesswork out of caring for heavy-feeding plants, by providing a complete spectrum of nutrients.

Happy plants need happy soil, it’s as simple as that! Raised beds and in-ground growing spaces are fantastic sources of natural biology and nutrients. However, growing in the same soil year-after-year often means that nutrients, organic material, and biology, are being depleted without necessarily being properly replenished. Fertilizers are great for adding in macronutrients, but what about returning the other components important to plant and soil health? Activated Compost is the ideal soil amendment for combatting nutrient deficiencies, and reinforcing biological health. The living element in your soil is the most important determining factor towards plant health, and Activated Compost is biologically dense and diverse, feeding your soil for long-term health and support. 

We still have a few weeks before we can officially be done with winter, but there’s so much we can do before the season is in full swing. Start your seeds, get planting, and start the season with high quality materials for your best spring yet. Click here to get a quote for your Spring Supersack Order!

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