Start Fresh with Seed Starter

on February 14, 2023

We’re itching for winter to be done, and for Spring to finally set its roots in the frozen ground. Spring is the season where we shake off the winter blues, and prepare to grow and change in the warm summer sun. March is less than two weeks away, and the Spring rush is closing in. Seed starting is the opening event of the garden care season, and you want your gardeners to get started with a fresh soil mix that will grow amazing seedlings for their garden needs. Our Seed Starter Mix is an OMRI Listed growing media that is designed to support germination and emergence, maximizing the health and quality of your seedlings, and supporting hearty plants in the garden.


Purple Cow Seed Starter is a living soil mix with diverse biology and a complete spectrum of nutrients, designed to feed your hungry plants and develop healthy roots. Seed Starter Mix is a fine-textured blend that perfectly balances moisture drainage and wicking, keeping roots hydrated without drowning them. Formulated with a rock and sea mineral complex, this growing media contains the spectrum of nutrients that seedlings rely on in their most vulnerable stages, powering them from germination to transplant.


Seedling health starts with strong root growth. Though gardeners love to see tall foliage under their grow lights in the Spring, leaves aren’t actually the goal when starting your seeds. When your seedlings become tall and leggy, it can mean that the plant was spending more energy on growing foliage and didn’t develop a strong root system. Leggy seed starts are typically weaker than their non-leggy counterparts, and often won’t survive hardening-off or planting. The diverse biology in Purple Cow Seed Starter supports root growth and nutrient uptake, developing your plants from the ground-up.

Looking for some ways to mix up your Spring lineup? There’s nothing that embodies the turn of the season quite like getting your seeds started. Start fresh this Spring with a premium Seed Starting Mix that supports strong and beautiful seedlings. Contact your us here to learn more about Seed Starter Mix, and to schedule a Spring training session for you and your team! Healthy soil is the key to healthy plants, and we’re here to teach you why.