Three Reasons to Choose Purple Cow Organics

Three Reasons to Choose Purple Cow Organics

There are many struggles faced by small businesses, especially when it comes to the goods you provide. From knowing which products your customers love, to taking the risk on a new product with the hope that it will sell, and finding new ways to promote successful products and making them accessible to a new audience, every decision you make is important for the success of your store. We understand the struggles that small businesses face, because we are a small business. When your customers walk in the store and ask, “Why Purple Cow?” we want you to feel confident about your choice to invest in us. There are many reasons why we love the Purple Cow Organics retail line, but don’t just take our word for it! John Lewandowski from Bluemel’s Garden & Landscape Center talked with us about his experience with Purple Cow products and Purple Cow people.

“In order for you to be successful with this product, you will have to teach our staff how to build value. I, as well as my staff, are so confident with this product that sometimes all we have to say is ‘Try it and you’ll not only love it, but your plants will love it too.’ I am so looking forward to many customers coming back to tell us: ‘You were right!’” -J. Lewandowski

From Activated Compost to our liquid line, all of our products are used and loved by both professional horticulturists and home gardeners alike. The diverse microbiology and rich organic matter in our products does more than make happy plants, but creates a healthier ecosystem in which life can exist! Whether growing in a professional greenhouse, or a five-gallon grow bag, our high-quality products support nutrient-dense growth, and provide incredible results. Our products are premium quality, and are priced accordingly. But when customers catch the Purple Cow, they never use anything else.

I learned very quickly that Purple Cow walks the walk, they don’t just talk the talk… The compost mix looked and smelled like good mixes should. Although the pricing was higher than I was accustomed to, the fact that their product is 100% Organic, packed with the necessary nutrients and micro-biology that plants need to perform their best, AND is made in Wisconsin, I knew right then and there that this was going to be a relatively easy product to sell.” -J. Lewandowski

At the heart of our business is a commitment to excellence and care, both for the products we create and the quality of what our customers grow! The quality of our product is more than what gives us pride, it’s our passion. Every good growing medium needs more than NPK, no matter what you’re growing. Though Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium are important nutrients for growth, living organisms need more than three inputs to grow successfully. When your customer wants healthier plants, they need a holistic blend of minerals, carbon, and biology, that provides the complete spectrum of essential macro and micronutrients your growers rely on. More nutritious plants lead to healthier foods, more beautiful flowers, and a better planet.

“Soil isn’t soil, and soil certainly isn’t dirt.” -J. Lewandowski

Our high-quality soil mixes are more than ‘good dirt’. Soil is a living ecosystem that builds a symbiotic relationship with the plants growing in it. When soil lacks microbiology, such as beneficial bacteria and fungi, plants will not take in nutrients, and struggle to survive. Many conventional soil mixes lack a diversity of nutrients and microbiology, meaning that you'll have to amend your mix to get similar results to an organic product. The broad-spectrum biology present in all our products helps to establish strong root systems, deliver key nutrients, and grow more beautiful crops. Our mission is to be remarkable. We know more today about the positive effects that biology has in any growing system, and we continue to learn more each day as our customers share their successes. When your customers bring microbiology into their growing system, it creates an environment that's better for plants, and better for the planet. That is remarkable. 

With the global consciousness shifting towards organics, consumers are more interested than ever about the quality of produce that they’re growing, and where their food comes from. If you haven’t tried Purple Cow Organics yet, we can promise that you will love it, and your customers will too. Grow better plants today, for a healthier tomorrow!

Share your own Purple Cow Organics story with us! Want to learn more about growing organic, diverse biology, and how to catch the Purple Cow? Contact us here for more!