Why People Love IndiCanja

Why People Love IndiCanja

If you know Purple Cow Organics, you’ve probably heard of, or even experimented with, Purple Cow IndiCanja. This living super-soil is the ultimate growing medium for many growers that love the ease of a soil where you can ‘just add water’! Whether growing hemp and cannabis, or tomatoes and peppers, IndiCanja has the nutrients heavy-feeding plants need to grow nutritious and delicious produce. This versatile mix can be used for indoor or outdoor container growing and is perfect for growers that want to reduce the inputs needed for the ideal grow. We love Purple Cow IndiCanja, but we’re not the only ones!  

“IndiCanja’s simplicity of use makes it the ideal soil for anyone entering the industry. Those more seasoned growers who have used other soils requiring the need for loads of liquids and solutions have found IndiCanja to be just as good as what they were doing before at a much more cost-effective rate. The increased volume of IndiCanja that I sell at my store more than offsets my previous sales of other inputs, and it keeps my customers coming back to me. IndiCanja is champaign/caviar at the price of Miller.”

AJ, Grow Big Hydroponics, Machesney Park, IL
 Chicago Roots, Chicago, IL
Brew and Grow, Roselle, IL  

“The reason people love IndiCanja is it’s simplicity. Most people these days are pretty busy and love the fact that they just have to water a couple of times a week and the rest is done for them. It is a perfect product for both beginning and experienced cannabis growers alike.”

Erick Larson, Roots Hydroponics, Crest Hill, IL

“This soil is by far the best I’ve used. I just want to thank everyone at Purple Cow for all your hard work. By far the best soil and organic products I’ve seen!”

Brian Hoffman, Oklahoma Grower
Veg Out Gardens, Virginia Beach, VA

 Purple Cow IndiCanja is an excellent addition to any Spring growing plan, from flower containers, to tomato pots, to replacing a greenhouse medium. This versatile mix is loved by professional growers across the United States, and your customers will love it too. Interested in what our customers say about IndiCanja? Search #indicanja on Instagram for more testimonials right from our growers.


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Sales Representative: Cory Cunningham
Product Support Contact: Robert Sochor