Compost V.S. CX-1

Compost V.S. CX-1

Diverse biology is acknowledged as one of the most critical components of plant health and nutrient density. There are many ways to introduce biology to a growing system, and a variety of benefits that you can achieve with different products.


Our Activated Compost is a rich base of organic material, which is fortified with a rock and sea mineral complex. The natural biology in our raw materials is concentrated and refined through our composting process, giving you a healthy and diverse population of biology. In addition to adding biology, the organic base of our compost works to revitalize old and tired soil mixes. You can even add it to in-ground or raised beds to rejuvenate any growing media you use! Bringing nutrients to your existing soil base, and a renewed foundation for growth. Activated Compost is our flagship product, and has been well beloved because of the incredible results it brings to horticulturists, big and small.


CX-1 is the newest product in our retail line, and has made quite a splash among home gardeners and professional growers alike. This product is a broad-spectrum liquid biological, which brings the biological benefits of adding compost, without adding the bulk! CX-1 has been available to professional farmers and growers for years, and has had incredible results with large-scale horticultural application. It’s been so successful, that we had to bring it to stores like you! CX-1 can be used with any watering or irrigation system, making it easy to apply for any sized operation. This product works best when paired with our Vegetable Supercharger, which acts as an activator and a food source for the live biology in our CX-1. This combination of biology and available nutrients gives your plants the immediate nutrients they need, and supports long-term growth by invigorating the localized biological population.


With all the methods for incorporating diverse biology into a growing plan, there are different components for which system might be best for you. Activated Compost is perfect for growers looking to improve their current base mix, especially those growing in topsoil or large containers. Compost improves the quality of the soil, as well as the nutrients available. CX-1 is perfect for growers that want to boost the biology in their growing media, and get the most out of their current fertility plan. Want to find the input that’s best for you? Contact your sales representative for more information!


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