BioActive Vegetable Supercharger

Purple Cow Vegetable Supercharger does exactly what the name says: it supercharges your plants, providing them with living organisms and trace minerals to produce nutrient dense vegetables and fruits. When your plants are healthier, you are healthier. Not only does our Veggie Supercharger contain humates and kelp meal - which provide Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium and other trace minerals - it utilizes endomycorrhizal fungi - which are known to help with nutrient uptake at the roots. It is a soluble powder that is meant to be used in Purple Cow CX-1 or water, and is an easy-to-use way to feed your plants "immediately."
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Product Specifications

Humic Acid
Mycorrhizal Fungi
Soluble Potash
Why Use Veggie Supercharger?
  • Soluble - Works in water or Purple Cow CX-1, great for watering cans and tank or backpack sprayers. Also can be sprinkled over soil and watered in
  • Quick Results - Feeds the plants "immediately" at the leaf surface in addition to the root system
  • Includes Mycorrhizae - Not included in most organic soluble fertilizers

BioActive Vegetable Supercharger Info Sheet

Available In:
8 Ounce Tubs
"If you live in the USA, check out Purple Cow Organics! The best ever for your vegetable garden!" — ABBEY HILL, PCO CUSTOMER