Bioactive LiquiLife™ (formerly CX-1)

A liquid biological concentrate that preserves and delivers diverse beneficial microbes for agricultural and horticultural applications.

Bioactive LiquiLife+ (formerly CXPro)

Thousands of fungal and bacterial strains are driven to the soil and plant by small particle carbon that shields exudates and metabolites, enhancing the rhizosphere.

Why a Broad Spectrum?

How to select a biological that gives you the best chance of success - diversity

Minerals in a Carbon/Biological Cycle

Even better, attach every mineral molecule to a carbon particle and have biology drive the exchange

Carbon Comes in Many Forms

Soil organic matter/carbon, humates, biochar, molasses, small particle carbon technology, etc.

Two Products to Choose From

One with carbon and one without, both need a food source, both work in conventional and/or organic systems

Driven by Biology

It is an amazing time to be serving the agricultural market. Like so many things, practices and production means are seeming to come full circle. In the beginning farms had to depend upon mother nature restoring the soil in order to produce the following year's crop. Learn how we have gone back to that method and are taking full advantage of the benefits of naturally occuring soil biology.

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  • "I think I just hit a home run with this product...I am just in awe of what I am seeing. The health of the crop and the weed's the prettiest field we have ever had in 15 years of organic."

    Kelly Ornbaun, Rice
  • "Knocked it out of the park, doubled my yield projection."

    Bill Buss, Seed Corn
  • "It made all the difference in the looked so good I hated to cut it, I had all kinds of compliments from my neighbors."

    Donovan Paulson, Alfalfa
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Trial Data

See on-farm field trials, anecdotal evidence, 3rd party studies and more from agriculture professionals who have not only used our liquid biologicals but have put them to the test.

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