Agri-Tech Consulting Corn Trial

Agri-Tech Consulting Corn Trial


Written testimonials are a great way to share success stories from actual customers who have used a product, but you never get the full context of their growing situation. We did an in-depth interview with Tim Mahoney of Agri-Tech Consulting to get the full story of his 29 treatment farm trial.

Companies large and small trust Agri-Tech for real-world field trials. Over the past 4 years a number of companies have included CX-1 in their fertility trials; here in this most recent 29 treatment trial, CX-1 stole the show. In the below nine-minute video, there are several points Tim makes that are worth noting:

  • Yield matters, what does the combine say. The summary slides focus on ROI for the grower
  • Even the most educated scientists and experienced growers don't have all the answers. The fact is, as it relates to soil biology, there is a lot more yet to be learned
  • In farming, you put the pieces together
    • NPK is important, but just part of the picture
    • Secondary and trace minerals matter
    • Genetics and cultural practices play a part 
    • Biology is essential, and because of all the unknowns, the superior diversity in CX-1 is the right choice. More biological species means more biological functions, and more functions means an increased likelihood the grower will achieve their desired results. 


This was just a small portion of the information gathered on this large farm trial. For full trial result data, more information on CX-1 and the other Purple Cow products, or to place an order, please contact us at