Crop Residue Management

Crop Residue Management

So you grew this mineral enhanced carbon, now is your chance to make the most of it. In the below video, Steve discusses how to utilize CX-1 at the end of the season, in order to break down the carbon and cycle minerals from your crop residue, infuse it back into the soil, and capitalize on it during the next growing cycle. 


You have likely heard us discuss before, the process of carbon capturing from the atmosphere by the plants, cycling through the plants into their roots, then to its most stable form in the soil. We've also talked about the fact that no matter where your minerals and fertility come from, biology is the driver behind getting it to and into the plants.

Crop Residue Management is exactly that - breaking down carbon, and moving the minerals within to next year's crop.

If you are a no-tiller, this is an essential application. If you farm in strips or incorporate back into the soil, this application expedites the process. There are some ag professionals who believe that, of all the possible opportunities to use CX-1, this is the most valuable as it relates to the return it provides

With the help of biology: you are able to build carbon, making the next year's task of planting easier; you will receive the benefits of bio-sanitation where pathogens can over winter; and perhaps most of all, you will get the nutrients that are "locked up" in the cellulose of the crop you just grew, into the crops you'll harvest next year.

Simply put, the residue will either stay in your way...or it will turn into soil carbon and crop fertility.

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