What is Clean Cannabis? Transforming an Industry

What is Clean Cannabis? Transforming an Industry

Whether working at the professional level, or home-growing, organic and regenerative growing methods have become a staple of cannabis cultivators of any experience level. The nation-wide rise in cannabis consumption and availability has led to consumers focusing on cannabis’s impact on their personal health. Growers know that cannabis is a reclamation plant that can uptake and absorb heavy metals. Mercury, Arsenic, Chromium, Nickel, and many other heavy metals can be taken in by the cannabis plant and passed on to the consumer.

Reducing heavy metal consumption is one of the biggest reasons that many growers have pivoted from conventional growing methods and synthetic fertilizers to organic nutrients and regenerative cultivation processes. Additionally, cultivators are seeking ways to reduce the overall impact of commercial growing on our ecosystem. This is how ‘clean’ cannabis has made its rise in the world of cultivation.

What is Clean Cannabis

Clean cannabis is a term used to identify cannabis that is grown and processed in adherence to organic and regenerative growing standards. Due to current legislation, cannabis is unable to earn an organic certification through the USDA. However, the push for a growing standard around clean cannabis led to the development of national and global certifications for growers that follow specific organic growing standards. Commercial growers can obtain clean growing certifications to represent the quality of their product, and to proudly display the care they’ve taken to create a high-quality flower. Home-gardeners and small-scale growers don’t have the same opportunity to verify their crop’s quality, so these organic growers must take special care to ensure that they’re using soils and amendments that match the quality of the crop they’re cultivating.

Why is Clean Cannabis Important?

With industry-wide focus shifting towards the health of the consumer, and reducing the environmental impact of agriculture, clean cannabis has gone from a preference to an essential. Organic agriculture is characterized by it’s focus on feeding the soil and promoting biodiversity. Though cannabis isn’t eligible for organic certification, these concepts can be applied to any crop for a higher quality plant and a healthier planet. Not only is clean cannabis better for us, but it works to improve soil health and promotes a better planet. An essential component of regenerative agriculture is the sustainability measures taken by farmers to ensure that resources are being appropriately sourced and utilized. Soil amendments, growing mixes, and pest control are carefully selected for their ability to grow plants that are clean and pure.

What Can You Use to Grow Cleaner

Whether you’re growing on dozens of acres, or in a 4x4 grow tent, you can easily cultivate cleaner cannabis by using high-quality mixes and amendments. Every product we sell is OMRI-listed and approved for organic use, from water-only supersoil: Purple Cow IndiCanja!

IndiCanja has made a splash among cannabis growers at any scale for its ability to deliver a complete spectrum of essential nutrients from the seedling stage, all the way through harvest. For a more buildable mix, Crafter’s Mix is perfect for experienced growers who want a blend that they can customize with hand-selected inputs. Whether you’re growing indoors or out, the benefits of diverse biology are universal for improving nutrient uptake and plant vigor.

The BIOACTIVE Liquid Biology Bundle supplies essential nutrients and microbes in one easy package, delivering everything your soil biology needs to flourish. The BIOACTIVE™ bundle is a pairing of two incredible products: BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ and BIOACTIVE Liquid Supercharger™. LiquiLife is the biology side of the equation, containing a broad spectrum of essential microbes that replenish the life in your soil. Liquid Supercharger supplies a selection of nutrients designed to feed those essential microbes, increase your plants’ vigor, and bring your soil back to life.

In addition to growing in high-quality soil with OMRI-listed amendments, there are also techniques you can rely on like companion crops and cover crops that can sequester nutrients and return organic matter to the soil.


Clean cannabis goes beyond managing heavy metal content, it is quickly becoming the standard for how cannabis is being grown and developed. Regenerative agriculture is a movement that is gaining ground for its ability to feed the soil and grow more nutrient-dense plants, and is a key component of making agriculture better for the earth. Whether you’re a commercial-scale grower pursuing a clean certification, or a home grower looking to grow a healthier crop, high-quality organic soils and amendments are an essential part of your growing journey.

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