To Fert, or Revert?

To Fert, or Revert?

What is the best option to reinvigorate your media when growing plants indoors?

Many greenhouse growers face similar issues when it comes to replenishing nutrients in their soil. “Is this the right growing media for my growing system?”  “I used your soil, and loved it, do I have to replace EVERYTHING to get the same results?” “Is it better to buy all new media, or to create my own fertilizer mix and amend my current soil?” Though there are many conversations and debates in the greenhouse world over how to reinvigorate your growing media, the right answer… depends on you!

Different plants pull different nutrients from the soil. For some plants, it’s fairly easy to know what nutrients need replacing. Tomatoes, for example, need generally the same nutrients in the same quantities across different breeds of the plant. Many resources are available to help tomato growers find exactly what needs to be replaced at different points in their plant’s growing cycle. For growers of plants such as cannabis, different strains pull different nutrients from the soil, and need customized fertility blends to raise happy plants. There are some resources available for cannabis growers, but there is no exact set of nutrients that all cannabis plants need to be successful.

There are benefits to replacing your soil with new media, or to amending your existing soil. There are different aspects that need to be considered in either situation, and we’re here to help find the best option for you!

Fresh growing mix is a great option because you’ll always know what you’re getting. All of our Purple Cow Organics products are tested regularly to ensure that we meet our nutritional standards, so you know that the product you receive will bring you consistent results. Another important factor in choosing to buy new mix, is how easy it is to use! If a soil mix is labelled as ‘water-only’, then there’s no additional cost to fertilize your soil. You can just plant and water, and you’re good to grow! The main downside to buying fresh mix is that it may be more expensive than amending your soil (depending on the mix you purchase and what you are growing in it). Purchasing fresh growing mix may also be more expensive depending on the scale of your growing operation. Even so, buying fresh mix is still the right choice for many growers.

Amending your existing mix is a great option if you want to have more control over your soil fertility. You can perform a soil test to see what nutrients are deficient, and then amend your soil accordingly. Our Purple Cow CX-1, paired with our BioActive Vegetable Supercharger, is a fantastic solution to replenish biology, microbes, minerals, and nutrients in your existing soil mix. However, there is no guarantee of returning your growing media to it’s original fertility through an amendment program. Additionally, it may be more expensive to amend your soil depending on how heavy of a feeder your plant is. Though amending your soil is a more involved process than replacing your current growing media, it’s perfect if you have a large growing operation and want exact control over your soil’s fertility.

The important question now is: “What’s the right reinvigoration method for me?” Purple Cow Organics is here to help you find an answer. For questions, Contact Us! We have sales representatives and consultants that can help you find the right fertility option based on your grow. You can also call us at our corporate office at 608-831-0349.

Want to take your soil fertility into your own hands? There are many options for DIY soil testing kits you can purchase at your local hardware store or gardening center. A soil test helps you understand the current state of your growing media through analyzing the pH, revealing any nutrient deficiencies, and examining existing soil fertility. This is the best way to know exactly what your soil needs, whether it’s an extra nudge or a clean slate. Based on those results, the size of your growing operation, and the cost of replacing vs amending your soil, you can decide what is best for you and for your plants. You can also research your local soil testing facilities and have it done by the professionals. Keep in mind that this option is more expensive than an at-home kit. Whatever your method, Purple Cow Organics is here to make sure your greenhouse, or growing system, is thriving.