Wake Your Garden Up with Compost!

Wake Your Garden Up with Compost!

Early summer brings endless sunshine, warm weather, and the perfect conditions to grow produce and help flowers bloom. With April showers coaxing seedlings into existence, the transition from spring to summer creates the perfect conditions for strong and healthy plants. The middle of summer, however, is not as gracious. As plants begin to grow and flourish, they pull nutrients out of the soil, which is why gardeners apply nutrients early in the season. Garden beds have now been depleted of some of these nutrients, and need an extra boost to keep growing strong throughout the season. The middle of the summer also brings long stretches of hot weather, which can dry out garden soil. What can be applied that adds nutrients and water retention when your customer’s garden needs it the most? Compost!

Compost is an incredible soil amendment that can be used for every plant in any garden. From flowerpots to market gardens, compost can bring out the best in your plants. Compost contains critical nutrients and diverse microbiology to help improve moisture retention, as well as strengthen root systems. We have two different varieties of compost available, and there are different benefits each type can bring! Our Classic Compost is a plant compost, made from 100% locally sourced material. Classic Compost is perfect for rebuilding the organic matter in sandy or clay-filled soils. It provides a host of beneficial bacteria and fungi, delivering nutrients and biology, and providing a strong base for growth. Interested in carrying bulk Classic Compost? Your sales representative can help you find out how!

Activated Compost is our flagship product, and has been beloved by gardeners for it’s rich organic base and diverse nutrients. Activated Compost is designed to help with water retention by adding the organic material present in our Classic Compost, as well as adding a complex of rock and sea minerals to fortify plant health. This product contains both the macro and micronutrients necessary for strong growth, making it perfect for giving a nutritional boost.

These amazing products are perfect for plant care of all kinds, and are perfect additions to any vegetable garden, flower bed, and even flowerpots and house plants. Homeowners and landscapers can even use compost to treat dry spots on their lawn! Compost is a soil amendment that is incredibly versatile, and that can be used for a host of different applications.

Interested in carrying the different varieties of Purple Cow compost? Contact your sales representative for more information!

Amy Ziegler: aziegler@purplecoworganics.com