What's My Mix?

What's My Mix?

Spring has officially settled into garden centers everywhere, even though we’re still battling snow in Wisconsin. Early preppers have already gotten their seeds well under way, and we’re transitioning into the depths of the season. The weather may be delaying our outdoor garden preparations, but gardeners still have some work they can prepare for the beginning of spring. Now is the time for raised beds to be refilled, and flowerpots and vegetable containers to get a refresher. Gardeners will be scanning the aisles for their favorite soil amendments, and the best growing mediums that can get the job done.

We have a variety of soil mixes here at Purple Cow Organics, which means that gardeners have options when choosing the mix that’s right for them. Our mixes are diversified and engineered to help with growing different plants in different mediums, and meeting nutritional needs across the board. From water only mixes with all the fertility needed for heavy feeding plants, to customizable blends that allow growers to create their own mix of nutrients, we have the right mixes to grow beautiful produce and gorgeous flowers. Because we have so many mixes, it’s important to know the differences between what they provide. To help you understand the different benefits that each of our blends has, check out the breakdown below:


Of our soil mixes, Purple Cow IndiCanja is the most nutrient-dense. Designed for the booming hemp and cannabis industry, IndiCanja is a water-only soil that’s packed with nutrients. However, the benefits of IndiCanja don’t stop there! IndiCanja’s nutrient density also makes it an excellent choice for growing heavy feeding vegetables and flowers in containers. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and cucumbers are all incredible when grown in IndiCanja. Geraniums and mums are hungry flowers that would be happiest with a lot of nutrition, which makes them perfect flowers for growing in IndiCanja.

For some growers and gardeners, a premade soil mix just isn’t the right choice for their container growing. They want to manage every input that goes into their soil mix so they know how to tailor the growing media to their plant’s needs. That’s why we developed Crafter’s Mix! Also designed for the hemp and cannabis industry, Crafter’s Mix is the perfect match for gardeners and growers who love to customize their soil’s fertility plan, and want a rich base of organic material paired with excellent drainage. It contains starter fertility, but Crafter’s Mix can be amended with any choice of synthetic or organic inputs. Crafter's Mix is the newest product in our retail line, and will be available May 1st. Interested in Crafter's Mix for your retail store? Preorders are available now!  

  All-Purpose Veggie Mix is an organic and all-natural blend for growing hearty and flavorful veggies.  Perfect for both smaller and larger containers, Veggie Mix grows hearty vegetables and rich blooms, bringing farm-to-table to every home. Heavy and light feeding plants alike find happy homes in this mix, but need some extra fertility every so often in order to continue giving the beautiful results seen at the beginning of planting. We recommend pairing our Bio-Active All-Purpose Fertilizer with this blend when extra fertility is needed.

Our Raised Bed Mix is perfect for… well… raised beds! This blend is a weed seed and topsoil free blend, perfect for filling raised beds with rich organic material. Gardening in cities takes the form of raised beds, mainly because many neighborhoods tend to have soil with a high lead content. Raised Bed Mix is compost-based, made with OMRI listed ingredients, and does not contain topsoil, meaning your customer’s garden beds will be free from any potential contaminants. Raised Bed Mix pairs well with our All-Purpose fertilizer, and our BioActive Vegetable Supercharger to bring the nutrition and microbes your plants need for their best season.  

  Potting mixes are more than just the generic ‘plant dirt’. Potting mixes are specially designed to hold water and provide nutrients to your plants, while giving them rich organic material to thrive in. Purple Cow’s Activated Potting Mix contains a specialized mineral complex that will continue to feed plants long after planting. Lighter feeding flowers and herbs can even be fed for upwards of 2 months! It’s perfect for large or small containers, and is environmentally friendly because it contains OMRI-listed ingredients and less peat than most potting soils. Our Potting Mix holds water like a sponge, perfect for houseplant lovers that take a hands-off approach, or for outdoor containers that won’t need to be watered as frequently.



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