Don't Miss out on Life (In a Bottle)

Don't Miss out on Life (In a Bottle)

Your ears are probably ringing with the buzz from our newest retail product: CX-1! Liquid biologicals are one of the hottest market segments in the world of hydro-stores, but there’s shockingly little information on what they are and how to use them. We’re here to help bridge that gap.

CX-1 is a concentrated liquid biological, that addresses the biological side of plant nutritional needs. Growers count on microbes to make nutrients available, allowing growers to reduce their current nutrient programs, and get more out of what they apply. Balancing minerals with diverse biology helps plants produce sugars, proteins, and amino acids, that support healthy, beautiful, and nutrient-dense produce. CX-1 is currently offered in 1 gallon and 1 quart sizing, meaning that growers with operations, both big and small, can get the most out of what they apply.

CX-1 can be applied directly or indirectly as a soil drench or a foliar application, and can be used alongside your existing watering schedule. You can apply CX-1 with any biologically friendly synthetic or organic fertility inputs. Because any applied nutrients are made more available, growers should cut back other input usage by 15-25% and assess nutrient needs from there. We do not recommend applying alongside a fungicide or a biocide, as this may harm the biology in CX-1 and reduce effectiveness.

CX-1 works well in many fertility programs, or even on it’s own! CX-1 has a 6-month shelf life, due to the nature of the living biology.  It’s sold in a dormant state, and requires activation with a food source. For best results, we recommend using our BioActive Vegetable Supercharger, mixed prior to application. For smaller grow operations, we recommend a dilution of 1 TBSP CX-1 + 1 TBSP activator, per gallon of water applied. From the Purple Cow line of products, we recommend using CX-1 with All-Purpose Fertilizer, and Tomato Gro!

Interested in learning more about CX-1 for your business? Reach out to your sales representative for more information on pricing, usage, and how to order!