Community Chats: Talking with Industry Leaders

Community Chats: Talking with Industry Leaders

The agricultural industry is transforming with regenerative agriculture practices quickly gaining ground among conventional and organic farmers. Many farmers have been left with questions regarding the efficacy and benefits of biological amendments. Robert Sochor, our Product Support Specialist, and in-house grower expert, recently participated in a panel to answer some of these questions about our BIOACTIVE product line, and the effects of liquid biologicals on every field. 

Purple Cow Organics started 12 years ago, with inspiration from Seth Godin to do and make something remarkable. Our products, especially our liquid biological BIOACTIVE LiquiLife, are remarkable because of the diverse broad-spectrum microbiology. Our plant-based products use locally sourced plant material to create a microbial rich, aged compost made from lush organic matter. In the case of BIOACTIVE LiquiLife, this compost is used to produce a culture medium that contains thousands of beneficial species of bacteria and fungi, which is then turned into our biological concentrate. 

How can BIOACTIVE LiquiLife help your soil?

Many of the biologicals on the market today contain single or limited species, which limits the range of benefits that you may see from applying them to your soil. Our broad-spectrum biologicals contain a massive range of beneficial microbes, which means that they can perform multiple functions in your soil and can provide benefits to any crop.

"I have yet to see a crop that [LiquiLife and LiquiLife+] haven't provided a benefit for, whether a yield bump, nutrient density, protection against incoming disease pressures, or nutrient liberation to hurdle crops over any stress point during the season." Robert Sochor

What is the food source for your [microbes]?

The microbes in your soil are naturally fueled via root exudates, which work as a naturally occurring nutrient source for LiquiLife. However, you will achieve the best return on investment with LiquiLife by using it with a carbon-based food source. Among the products in our BIOACTIVE line, we have a selection of biostimulants, including BIOACTIVE Supercharger and our new BIOACTIVE Liquid Supercharger, which are not only engineered to supply nutrients to your crops, but feed the microbes in your soil or in your liquid biological program to enhance their performance. 

Logistics can be a challenge. How is your product applied?

Our products are easily integrated into current routines. LiquiLife and LiquiLife+ can be included in both root/soil applications as well as foliar applications. As a corrective biology with carbon and minerals, these liquids can have an immediate impact. Using Nitrogen both in-furrow and as a foliar can allow growers to be more nimble with their application programs. In all cases, it is best to mix biology and carbon first if insecticides or herbicides are in the tank. 

"Our goal with LiquiLife and LiquiLife+ is to enhance and make your program better." Sochor

Does your product require a food source?

All biologicals work better with a food source. Biology eats:

  • Carbon
  • Root Exudates
  • Minerals
  • Each other

By adding a food source, such as our Supercharger, you get a more immediate activity level. The most important piece of energy source production is water. Microbes go in and out of dormancy due to moisture levels and temperature. 

What does your product impact besides Nitrogen?

Our products offer the benefits of a broad-spectrum liquid biological. It's not uncommon for growers to purchase LiquiLife or LiquiLife+ and see the Nitrogen efficiencies they are looking for. They can get the  biggest bang for their buck in different aspects of their farm system with a broad-spectrum biological.

For instance, growers will see both yield and fertility efficiency, but also improvements in nutrient density, plant health, and system resiliency.

Does your product play nicely with others? Can you stack this with other inputs?

Yes. Products should be considered in terms of how well they work with other products, but also: 

  1. Diversity of microbes
  2. Food source
  3. Consistency

A broad-spectrum biological, such as our LiquiLife or LiquiLife+ will stack well with other nutrients and other biologicals.

Another thank you to Red Cedar Agronomy for hosting us at their Alternative Nitrogen Q&A. We're happy to answer any other questions you may have regarding our biologicals, Nitrogen efficiency, and how our products can work with your current inputs.

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