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Quality products lead to healthier crops and bigger margins. Your bottom line depends on the health of your fields, and we're here to help. We've seen powerful results when growers incorporated broad-spectrum liquid biologicals into their system.

On this page, you'll find on-farm field trials, anecdotal evidence, 3rd party studies, and more from agriculture professionals who have not only used our liquid biologicals but have put them to the test. The results speak for themselves.

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Critical Growth Stages

Differences were seen with cob size consistency, stand count and tip fill.

Solid Stems

BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ (formerly CX-1) treated area saw a 43% increase it weight per dry ton.

Corn Yield Estimate

Results comparison between a dry blend only and a dry blend with BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ (formerly CX-1).

Tip Fill

Complete tip fill was seen when BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ (formerly CX-1) was in a conventional corn fertility program.


TriYield saw a 90-pound increase in Phos availability with just a single BIOACTIVE LiquiLife+™ (formerly CXPro) application.

Trial Testimonials

  • "Adding biology was the missing link for both yield and profit. My increase in forage quality (measured by sugars and starches) allows me to reduce the amount of shell corn I feed my cows from 18 pounds a day to 12 pounds a day, 15 pounds for heavy producers."

    Josh Hiemstra, Rosendale, WI
  • "I saw a clear line on residue after a few weeks, almost instant benefits on wheat."

    Drew Haines
  • "We did a trial on the puris yellow pea this year, I promise your farmers growing yellow peas will want LiquiLife."

    White Oak Farm
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