Purple Cow offers two liquid broad spectrum biologicals to choose from, one solely biology product (CX-1), and one with silica based small carbon technology (CXPro). Both provide the benefits of being a Broad Spectrum Biological, when paired with your fertility program both will get your Minerals in a Carbon/Biological Cycle, and both will aid in the Building of Soil Organic Carbon. But let's take a look at the differences between the two products.

Product Overview

  • CX-1

    Purple Cow CX-1 is a liquid biological concentrate that preserves and delivers diverse beneficial microbes for agricultural applications. Purple Cow CX-1 stimulates growth and improves plant vigor and nutrient uptake. It may also improve tolerance against drought, salt, heat and stress. It is a biological product that accelerates microbial activity in the rhizosphere. All biology in Purple Cow CX-1 is naturally occurring with no synthetic or lab grown additives. Add CX-1 to provide a diverse buffet of biology for your plants!

  • CXPro

    Enhance soil and plant health with one easy-to-use liquid: CXPro. This is a 100% plant-based liquid biological, containing broad spectrum beneficial microbiology. Thousands of fungal and bacterial strains are driven to the soil and plant by small particle carbon that shields exudates and metabolites, enhancing the rhizosphere. CXPro is an effective and flexible tool in building soil health and nutrient use efficiency throughout the growing season. Approved for certified organic growers, as well as in conventional systems.

  • Why CX-1?

    CX-1 is a liquid biological solution that is a cost-effective way to add biology to your existing planting and crop fertility programs. CX-1 is a 100% plant-based liquid biological containing hundreds of different bacterial and fungal species. CX-1 can improve your soils and increase nutrient efficiency. Microbes help with:

    • Seed Germination
    • Plant Protection
    • Plant Health
    • Nutrient Uptake
    • Yield Potential
    • Crop Residue Management
  • Why CXPro?

    Molecules of the fertility input are attracted to the CXPro particle and form an outer layer of molecules. The molecules then penetrate the wall and fill the particle.

    CXPro contains fungal and bacterial exudate molecules that are shielded and protected from environmental losses. This provides nutrient density, plant and soil health.

    The particle shields and stabilizes the immediately available carbon in CXPro. This helps to enhance the soil organic matter and subsequent nutrient availability.

General Use Recommendations

  • CX-1

    Application opportunities include: row crops, small grains, hay and pasture, vegetables, orchards and vineyards, indoor high-value, intensively-grown crops and potatoes

    • In-Furrow: 2-6 gallons/acre
    • Foliar: 2-6 gallons/acre
    • Broadcast: 5-15 gallons/acre
    • Crop Residue: 4-6 gallons/acre

    A food source is recommended to stimulate microbes at time of use. A carbon sugar source will work to activate the dormant biology. For best results, use with our BioActive Supercharger.

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  • CXPro Application Rates and Pairings

    In Furrow: 1-3 gallons/acre
    Foliar: 1-3 gallons/acre
    Broadcast: 2-5 gallons/acre
    Residue Management: 2-5 gallons/acre

    General Use Recommendations:
    1. Add CXPro to the tank (can be used in place of water)
    2. Add fertility inputs
    Do not freeze. Use within 365 days.

    A food source is recommended to stimulate microbes at time of use. A carbon or sugar source will work to activate the dormant biology. For best results, use our BioActive Supercharger.

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