BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ (formerly CX-1) is a liquid biological concentrate that preserves and delivers diverse beneficial microbes for agricultural and horticultural applications. LiquiLife stimulates growth and improves plant vigor and nutrient uptake. It may also improve tolerance against drought, salt, heat, and stress. It is a biological product that accelerates microbial activity in the rhizosphere. All biology in LiquiLife is naturally occurring with no synthetic or lab-grown additives. Add LiquiLife to provide a diverse buffet of biology for your plants!

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Enhance Soil Biology with an Easy-To-Use Liquid

BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ is a liquid biological solution that is a cost-effective way to add biology to your existing planting and crop fertility programs. LiquiLife is a 100% plant-based liquid biological containing hundreds of different bacterial and fungal species. LiquiLife can improve your soils and increase nutrient efficiency. Microbes help with:

  • Seed Germination
  • Plant Protection
  • Plant Health
  • Nutrient Uptake
  • Yield Potential
  • Crop Residue Management
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BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ Industry Leading Product Characteristics:


BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ contains the highest diversity of beneficial soil microorganisms of any biological on the market today

Bacteria and Fungi

BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ includes significant quantities of different bacteria and fungi

Contains hundreds of microbe genera including:

  • Nitrifying Bacteria: a robust collection of microbial species assisting with N availability
  • Trichoderma: enhances nutrient uptake
  • Pseudomonas: blocks pathogens
  • Mortierrella: phosphorous-solubilizing fungus

Shelf Life

BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ is sold in a dormant state, giving it a shelf life of 365 days; sold by tote or tanker


BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ improves accessibility of trace elements and soluble nutrients in foliar and in-furrow applications

  • "Since starting to use BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ over lab cultured products, I've experienced more consistent germination rates with a shortened dormancy window, a very noticeable nutrient bioavailability uptake in soil application as well as disease suppression properties from foliar applications. I grow in both controlled and natural environments and will never stop using this product."

    Bright Flower Farms
  • "I think I just hit a home run with this product...I am just in awe of what I am seeing. The health of the crop and the weed's the prettiest field we have ever had in 15 years of organic."

    Kelly Ornbaun, CA Rice Grower
  • "Knocked it out of the park, doubled my yield projection." At 86 BPA for Seed Corn he led the way in the Gro Alliance Group

    Bill Buss, Seed Corn
  • "It made all the difference in the looked so good I hated to cut it, I had all kinds of compliments from my neighbors"

    Donovan Paulson, Alfalfa
  • "I could see the trial area. The cobs were an inch longer and we got 5 additional bushels per acre. We also used it in a crop residue application, the carbon broke down a lot faster, I know it helped us out there."

    Mike/Jeff Lean
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Application Opportunities and Rate Ranges

Application opportunities include: row crops, small grains, hay and pasture, vegetables, orchards and vineyards, indoor high-value, intensively-grown crops and potatoes

  • In-Furrow Rate: 2-6 gallons/acre
  • Foliar Rate: 2-6 gallons/acre
  • Broadcast Rate: 5-15 gallons/acre
  • Crop Residue Rate: 4-6 gallons/acre

The application rate range is provided to help work within a variety of systems and budgets. With precision placement, multiple applications, or when partnered with more soluble/available inputs; lower BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ rates can apply.

Contact Us for specific application rates

Products to pair with

  • Any soluble or micronized mineral
  • Any liquid fertility input (entire L-CBF line)
  • Any microbially friendly fungicide or insecticide
  • Aminos or other flowable nitrogen products

BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ should always be used with a food source such as:

  • BIOACTIVE Supercharger
  • Molasses
  • Fish Hydrolysate

The low viscosity means growers can use BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ instead of water in any tank mix.