Why CX-1?

Why CX-1?

When people ask why they should use CX-1, we point to three main reasons:

  1. Fertility Efficiency: CX-1 makes the fertility inputs farmers are about to apply better. CX-1 liberates minerals already in the soil, stover or other green manure, and can unlock inputs that were previously applied but not available for one reason or another. Germination, emergence, yield and profitability are the key advantages here.
  2. Nutrient Density: Farmers and consumers are increasingly interested in nutrient levels, ultimately this is about animal and human health. With balanced high-quality minerals and diverse biology, more of the essential metabolites are produced by the plant. Equipment and testing advancements like "Mineral Chain Testing" are on the way. So too, I believe, are the opportunities for good farmers to get paid for quality, not just quantity, like the top-tier forage and hemp growers today.
  3. Plant Health: Biologically healthy soils and leaf surfaces help plants defend themselves against the pathogens and diseases that exist naturally in the environment. Diversity is the key; and when it comes to diversity in a liquid biological, CX-1 wins! So, while we can't say CX-1 is a fungicide, I can pass along what farmers have told us.

White mold on beans - "All around us mold was breaking out, consultants believed there was no way to avoid it in our fields - we did thanks to biology" (CX-1 and Activator)

Amish group - veggies - "It was a pretty good year, but there were lots of late season disease pressures because of the hot wet conditions. Everybody saw it except the guys using liquid biologicals." (CX-1)

East coast greenhouse - "Botrytis, oh my gosh, using CX-1 almost completely eliminated it in our greenhouse." (CX-1)

Organic apple grower - "I have been working on the orchard floor for 3 years now, I feel like I have eliminated scab from my operation." (CX-1, Activator, plus other biologicals)

Squash grower - "CX-1 on my squash didn't eliminate the fall onset of Powdery Mildew, but it did delay it for a couple weeks, this meant 15% overall revenue increase for me." (CX-1 and Activator)

Pete Creguer, founder of the MI Midwestern BioAg location, is a long time farmer and industry professional. Pete gladly shares his observations on healthy wheat crops using CX-1, additionally:

  • In a very wet 2018 when everyone else in his area saw 12%-15% vomitoxin levels in corn, he experienced 1%-2% vomitoxin levels in his corn crop from an in-furrow application of CX-1.
  • Last season Pete guided a group of hemp growers in his area, "me and Dr. Matt were the only two to use CX-1 as a foliar, we were the only ones to pass the mold test."