Secrets to Strong Root Systems

Secrets to Strong Root Systems

We often see enhanced root production, but why? There are a few different reasons. Speedy germination, plant vigor, and stronger/healthier root systems are all enhanced with diverse and robust biology. 

(Left: Planted with CX-1 Right: Planted without CX-1)

Sugar Beets - May 2019

Growers know the real costs associated with slow and inconsistent germination, here just a few dollars of CX-1 added to the regular fertility program results in superior leaf and root development.

Puris Pea Trial - June 2019

Last fall was wet, this spring, even wetter. Lack of growth in many fields (and in the check area here) is undoubtedly due to pathogen pressure on roots. 
One of the modes of action for CX-1 is "competitive exclusion." This means that the inoculation of beneficial bacteria and fungi in furrow can actually out compete pathogens.
In wet soils, microbes that do not need air thrive (anaerobic). CX-1 is aerobic (with oxygen) biology. On a leaf surface or in the many situations where the introduction of beneficial biology can help; CX-1 is an important tool in both the conventional and organic grower's toolbox. 

June 2019

Getting minerals into a carbon/biology cycle is the key to fertility efficiency and nutrient uptake. There was a time when some farmers hesitated to use products from an "organics" company; today more and more farmers believe, we are all biological growers to some degree. With balanced minerals in the soil, and fertility in the planting mix, the biology from one gallon CX-1 helps growers get the most from their farming system. 

These trial photos are courtesy of Midwestern BioAg. MBA works with both organic and conventional farms to improve crop yields, sustainably and profitably, through a comprehensive, soil-centric, whole-farm management system. Midwestern BioAg was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Blue Mounds, WI. Visit: or follow on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for more information.