2019 Forage Application Farm Trial on Elysian View Farm - La Farge, WI

2019 Forage Application Farm Trial on Elysian View Farm - La Farge, WI

Elysian View Farm - La Farge, WI

The "greenline" photo is the separation in the conventional vs. the organic transition. This photo was taken about 10 days before the second cutting.

The conventional program field received:

  • Conventional fertilizer at 100lbs 18-46-0, 300lbs 0-0-60, 75lbs 21-0-0-24S, 10lbs 10% Boron (No LiquiLife™ or L-CBF).

The organic transition field at green up and 5 days after the first cutting received:

  • MBA Minerals - 500lbs Organical, 250lbs 0-025-15S + Microhume
  • 5 gallons Bioactive LiquiLife™
  • 5 gallons of TerraFed

Key Results:

  • More Calcium
  • Less Potassium
  • Increased RFV
  • Increased RFQ
  • Increased Feed Value
  • Increased NFC


Our on-farm trials have shown that Bioactive LiquiLife™ (formerly CX-1) and L-CBF, stacked on a sound Midwestern BioAg dry fertility program, will bring both the yield and quality improvements farmers desire.

Alfalfa treated with Bioactive LiquiLife™ (formerly CX-1) and L-CBF products showed a deeper green color, increase in forage mass, and enhanced quality feed value. The ROI was calculated as a combination of increased yield and quality. The increase of RFQ (8%) may aid in the performance of livestock as fed. For dairy producers, this could mean more milk yield and increased profitability. This enhancement in quality was recognized at the 2019 WDE Superbowl Forage Contest where it placed 8th out of 23 samples in the Dairy Hay Division.

Foliar Application

Product: Bioactive LiquiLife™ and L-CBF

Crop: Alfalfa

Application Timing: After First Cut

Application Rate: 5 gal LiquiLife™ + 5 gal TerraFed

The Results

Savvy farmers know that the health of the herd is directly related to the nutrient value of their forage crop. High-energy forage is better for their animals than less digestible silage. To excel in this area, minerals, carbon, and biology are essential.

The foliar applied biology in LiquiLife™, shortly after cutting, will consume and thus sequester the sugars and carbohydrates leaking from the “cut site” on the alfalfa stem. This returns nutrients into your system, instead of being lost or volatilized into the atmosphere.

The application also accelerates the healing process so plants can sooner devote resources to vegetative regrowth. Faster recovery, nutrient retention, and accelerated vegetative growth will benefit yield and forage quality in the following cuttings.

The graph highlights the results from three fertility programs. The increase in Total Feed Value from the first trial to the second is due to the rise in RFQ, while the value increase from the second to the third is due to the rise in yield. Note: Total Feed Value is a function of protein, digestibility, and Non-Fiber Carbs (energy).

Balanced Minerals and Diverse Biology

Nutrients in a carbon-biological cycle mean solid, not hollow stems as the plants create more complete proteins. Sugars and carbohydrates are the energy that drives feed quality and herd health.

Our program recommends a foliar application 3-7 days after cutting to fit most harvesting scenarios (1st and 2nd cuttings for best ROI).