The Dirt on Activated Compost

The Dirt on Activated Compost

Purple Cow’s Activated Compost is our flagship product, and has transformed the way we think about soil. The health of your soil isn’t determined by its nutritional content, but by the biological life present. Every input your plant needs to grow is touched by a microbe, which means that to get the full spectrum of nutrition your plants need, you need a diverse array of microbial life. Activated Compost is rich with organic material and is fortified with a rock and sea mineral complex. The natural biology contained within the composted plant matter is supported and concentrated throughout the composting process, providing you with a nutrient activated, and biologically diverse product. Activated Compost is an incredible product, that is as diverse as it is versatile.

Activated Compost brings a host of benefits to soil beds in which it’s added. Adding Activated Compost to containers allows you to refresh the organic material in the existing soil mix. Purple Cow’s compost also brings a host of diverse biology, as well as a balanced mineral and nutrient complex, that can bring new life to old and tired potting mixes. It’s easy to apply, just add a 1-2 inch layer on top of your current media, and work gently into the soil!


Though adding compost can extend the life of your container mixes, over time it may be better to replace your potting mix. If you regularly amend your potting soil with compost, you will eventually have to account for the extra organic material being accumulated. Replacing your media allows you the confidence of having a quality growing media, while reducing the need for regular amending. The best part of replacing your existing soil media: You can craft your own soil mix using Purple Cow Activated Compost! Build the soil mix that fits your needs and has the diverse biology and micro-nutrients you love.

Compost is an incredible soil amendment that can bring vitality back to every planting system, from a 100-acre field, to the tomatoes on your porch. However, Purple Cow’s Activated Compost is more than just a soil amendment, it can also act as an incredible base for nutrient rich, and biologically diverse soil mixes.

To learn more about the many ways you can incorporate Activated Compost into your growing, contact us here!